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Following his massively successful run for Stick Season, American singer-songwriter Noah Kahan is heading back to the stage for an exciting new year. Going viral with a smash hit, his title track made rounds on TikTok and became an international hit, charting in Australia and on the Billboard Hot 100. Kahan just announced his "We'll All Be Here Forever Tour", a global trek with major stops in North America. This leg will take the singer to the stage at Hollywood Bowl on Thursday, June 20 for a wild summer night of his folk-pop masterpieces. The upcoming tour already marks a milestone, set to play in some of the biggest and most iconic venues of his career. Get ready to sing your heart out. If the season's been hitting you with some Noah Kahan tales, you better hurry up and snatch your tickets now. They're selling out fast!

Noah Kahan is set to hop back on the road. Following his successful run for Stick Season over the past two years, the man is taking his magical performances back to the stage at his new "We'll All Be Here Forever Tour". With lyrical tales that explore nostalgic and emotional phases in life, the man pays homage to his folk inspirations that he listened to as he grew up. Produced by Live Nation, his North American trek kicks off this spring, with dates leading up to summer.

The "Dial Drunk" singer just released a follow-up to his acclaimed album "Stick Season", topping it up with "Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever)", an extension of his Certified Gold record. The breakout title track is now Certified Platinum, making rounds around the globe. Moreover, he's now the fifth artist in history to have 18 songs chart on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Charts in one week, joining David Bowie and Taylor Swift in this achievement.

His previous tour marked significant milestones in his career, with an album that brought him to the height of his career. "I always said I just wanted to be able to sell out a room of 1,000 people around America," he told Pollstar. "This album brought me from clubs to arenas in a lot of places. It’s been so surprising to me and so jarring in some ways."

With songs that tackle deeply personal topics and struggles, audiences tuned in to Kahan's real and vulnerable tales. At his previous set of shows, every member of the crowd shouted every lyric back in unison throughout the whole set, " see 20,000 people completely engaged – it’s never lost on me," he added.

Stick Seasons takes inspiration from a time in New England, sharing a "time of transition" between two phases in life, explaining that it tends to be depressing for most people. Exploring themes of nostalgia and going through different phases, it's real and vulnerable, something listeners can definitely relate to.

"I wanted to write songs about the feeling of being left behind," he shared in an interview with Insider. "I've always felt an intense nostalgia for that time, like there's been something missing from my life. I didn't go to college and have those four years and my childhood ended in Vermont,"

Taking his folk roots centerstage, every track invites different stories and associated feelings. From falling in love, meeting new people, and feeling alone, it's an album, that strikes the heart - hard. It's about these human connections that make us who we are.

Taking his masterpieces back to the stage, make sure to save your spots. Tickets are running out fast. Book 'em now!

Noah Kahan at Hollywood Bowl

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