Netflix Is A Joke Festival: Tomlinson, Silverman, Glaser & Buteau at Hollywood Bowl

Netflix Is A Joke Festival Tickets

Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Netflix Is A Joke Festival

Prepare your comedic attires for an event full of satires! The city of angels is on manic humor as the Netflix Is A Joke Festival make its grand entrance to the California corners for a showcase of comedy fervor featuring the hottest comedians on the planet Taylor Tomlinson, Sarah Silverman, Nikki Glase, and Michelle Buteau on Thursday, on 9th of May at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles. The biyearly lore of stand-up comedy shows led by Netflix will reach again the shore as they prepare 300 dates on the city of Los Angeles for a stomach-bursting experience of joy, featuring the star-studded casts of premiere comedians on stand-by. The one-night only display of their stand-up prowess and banter exchanges will be on the books as they are known for their satirical views and skits that will make you laugh right on the loose. Chip in on this hilarious ride as Tomlinson, Silverman, Glaze, and Buteau brings the comedic tide for a night of pure laughing pride you don't want to miss out. Get your tickets now!

Release your extra baggage as the girl power comp Taylor Tomlinson, Sarah Silverman, Nikki Glaser, and Michelle Buteau deliver the comedic heritage for the celebration of Netflix Is A Joke Festival on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California. Following the success of comedy specials exclusive on Netflix, live stand-up shows across the Los Angeles burrows will be enjoyed in the meadows as Netflix assembles these comedic actors on a one-night-only celebration of giggles and joy for the fans to enjoy.

The feast is right on the corner as Netflix depicts the importance of comedy in the present manner, giving Tomlinson, Silverman, Glaze, and Buteau the same stage to wreak comedic havoc to the live audiences, giving the quality funny experiences that the fans will truly enjoy. With this all-star composition of stand-up comedians, Hollywood Bowl will be full of funny howls that surely fans don't want to exploit.

Taylor Tomlinson will be one of the acts that will display her comedic hacks on this one-night comedy bluff. Known as a stand-up comedian, writer, and host, Taylor Tomlinson thrived on the comedy scene with her observational and improvisational comedy that clicked with fans all over the world. Starring on Netflix specials Quarter-Life Crisis and Look At You, Taylor Tomlinson is ready on the live cruise as she puts the fans on the running loose of jokes and takes that will make you laugh till you ache.

Next up is celebrity slash comedian Sarah Silverman, who will come to the live stages for her freshest acts as she translates her talents on the TV screens to live shows with her pure comedy. Known for her Netflix special Speck of Dust, the comedy rowdy will be in happy jeopardy as her social taboos will be placed on the comedy phrases, bringing the fans to the edge of their laughing state.

Also bringing her stand-up talents will be the comedian, writer, and host Nikki Glaser, who will leave the fans in awe with her iconic takes and banters. Known for her roasts and uproarious way of delivery, Glaser will be present on the one-night tradition as the Bangin’ star puts on a stand-up comedy manner, giving the hilarious experience that fans anticipated.

The one who will complete the all-star stage is the comedian and actress Michelle Buteau, putting the show on the heights of the scene with her comedic prowess and talents. Bringing positivity, inclusion, and acceptance to her acts, Buteau will be on the path of rocking the whole map as the Welcome to Buteaupia comedian shares the stage with the premiere stars for a spectacular night full of fun and laughter, bringing the fans in shambles.

“We have a privilege to work with award-winning comedians who are selling out arenas. We’ve seen the growth of the stand-up art in levels we didn't think possible”, Netlifx Vice President of Stand-up Comedy and Formats Robbie Praw said.

Hollywood Bowl will be the venue for this star-studded show of Tomlinson, Silverman, Glaze, and Buteau, bought by Netflix Is A Joke Festival. Featuring an incredible place with an open-air setting, picturesque mountains, and outstanding sounds and lighting, the 17,500 fans will be in full tears as the cast puts them on the comedic feels with their stand-up comedy that drills on the fans' hearts and minds. Grab your tickets now!

Netflix Is A Joke Festival at Hollywood Bowl

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