Netflix is a Joke Festival: Matt Rife at Hollywood Bowl

Netflix is a Joke Festival Tickets

Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Netflix is a Joke Festival

Spring is going to be exciting this year — not for the blooming flowers and spring cleaning. It's because Netflix is once again gathering all the best stand-up comedians around the world for the "Netflix is a Joke Fest 2024. Mark your calendars this May 8 because you don't want to miss the one and only Matt Rife grace the iconic Hollywood Bowl stage. Just in case you were living under a rock and didn't know who Matt Rife is, you are missing out big time. Known for his unapologetic humor, good looks, and charismatic presence on stage, Rife offers a fresh new perspective to stand-up comedy. Catch him this May 8 at the famous LA venue, and be awed by his witty skit, cute audience banter, and hilarious commentaries that will take all your problems away. Spend your Wednesday night surrounded by fellow comedy enthusiasts while enjoying the show under the stars at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Click the "Get Tickets" link today to reserve your tickets now!

Matt Rife is sure to be familiar to any comedy fan who has been enjoying Netflix and Chill as of late. His “Natural Selection” special in the streaming giant is a big hit. Well, who wouldn't notice Matt Rife, right? He has recently risen to the top of his game and is widely recognized online. Love him or hate him, he is one of the most famous —infamous, if you will— internet personalities in the world today. With 18 million followers on TikTok alone, Rife is undoubtedly gaining the attention he deserves. He is unapologetic for his humor, and he speaks his mind all the time. He is a captivating performer who instantly interacts with his audience thanks to his charisma and humor.

Following the success of his Netflix comedy special, Matt Rife will embark on a massive tour in North America and Europe. Dubbed "ProbleMATTIC World Tour," the series of shows will bring the 28-year-old internet sensation to over 100 cities. Despite his hectic schedule, Rife will be performing at the much-anticipated "Netflix is a Joke Festival."

In case you missed it, Netflix has announced that their 2024 comedy festival will be held in Los Angeles, California, from May 2 to 12, 2024. Happening once every two years, the festival brings the world's top stand-up comedians in one city to showcase their craft. This time, an epic marathon of more than 300 acts spread over 35+ venues in the City of Angels.

"This is a special time for comedy, both for Netflix and the genre at large." This was the statement of Netflix's VP of Stand-up and Comedy Formats, Robbie Praw, Netflix VP of Stand-up and Comedy Formats. With the aim of bringing together the world's best comedians for an unforgettable 11 days, the Festival will be graced by some of the biggest names like Chris Rock, Bert Kreischer, and Bill Burr.

Matt Rife will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl on May 8. Whether you are a big fan or you simply want to have a good time on a Wednesday night, this show is definitely for you. Click the "Get Tickets" link on this site to order your tickets. Reserve your tickets now to get the best seats in the venue. See you there!

Netflix is a Joke Festival at Hollywood Bowl

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