Maria Schneider Orchestra & Count Basie Orchestra at Hollywood Bowl

Maria Schneider Orchestra & Count Basie Orchestra Tickets

Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Maria Schneider Orchestra & Count Basie Orchestra


Let me tell y'all about the summer sound sensation that's gonna hit the Hollywood Bowl! On July 17, 2024, we've got none other than the Maria Schneider Orchestra and Count Basie Orchestra rolling into town. This is the kind of night that just oozes cool from every brass bell and saxophone slide. I'm telling you, it's the type of evening where the sunset is just the opening act for the stars on stage.

The Maria Schneider Orchestra's gonna weave you through a mesmerizing tapestry of jazz that’s as vibrant as a painter's palette. And when the Count Basie Orchestra steps up, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll swing you back in time with those toe-tappin’ rhythms.

And that's not all, folks - a live music concert like this has that electric buzz; the kind where every note feels like it's just for you. Expect solos that soar so high they'll leave your heart hangin' in midair, and group grooves so tight, they're like your favorite pair of jeans after Thanksgiving dinner (yep, that tight). This ain’t just music, my friends. It's a full-body experience that'll leave your soul feeling like it just won the lottery.

About Maria Schneider Orchestra & Count Basie Orchestra

The Maria Schneider Orchestra needs no introduction for true jazz aficionados, but I'll indulge the uninitiated. Maria's got hands that craft songs like they're treasured novels, each one telling its own story. She's collected Grammys like some folks collect stamps, and her live show? It’s like a warm embrace from an old friend - comfortin', but always full of surprises.

Now, movin' on to the timeless Count Basie Orchestra, these cats been keepin' it cool since before your grandma's recipe book was a twinkle in her eye. They've played with legends, and let me tell ya, they are legends. Their sound's smoother than a chocolate shake on a hot day, and their performances are as sharp as a new suit.

Hollywood Bowl Information

Alright, the Hollywood Bowl - it's practically a synonym for "epic night out." Nestled in those famed Hollywood Hills, the Bowl's more iconic than a movie star's signature. This amphitheater's seen the footsteps of giants, and with its open-air feel, it's like you’re sharing the sky with the musicians.

Plus, the Bowl’s got everything you need – from nosh to sip on while you enjoy the tunes to lush picnic spots. It's that rare joint where history's made nightly, and every concert feels like a page outta the great American songbook. I mean, come on, you haven't truly heard live music until you've felt the L.A. breeze mixin' with the sound of sweet, sweet jazz at the Bowl.

Ticket Information

Now, don’t you fret about gettin' your mitts on tickets, 'cause I've got the scoop. You could line up at the box office, but honestly, who's got time for that? Here’s the hot tip - grab your tickets at Ticket Squeeze. You won’t believe the deals - they got prices so low, they practically hum the blues. And with fees so tiny, you'll feel like you've just snagged the biggest steal since the Great Train Robbery.

Trust me; you do NOT wanna be the sorry soul who only hears about this night over coffee on the 18th. So rev up your browser, head on over to Ticket Squeeze and lock down your spot for the season’s must-see event. Alright, enough yackin’, it's time for action. Get those tickets, and I'll catch you at the Bowl, where the real music magic happens - see ya there!

Maria Schneider Orchestra & Count Basie Orchestra at Hollywood Bowl

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