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Los Angeles Philharmonic

dive deep into an evening of classical charm with the Los Angeles Philharmonic: Zubin Mehta - Mozart Under The Stars, as the storied Hollywood Bowl transforms into a celestial chamber of Mozart’s masterpieces on Tuesday, 23rd July 2024, in Los Angeles, California.

Conductor Zubin Mehta, celebrated for his commanding interpretations, leads the distinguished Los Angeles Philharmonic through the enthralling tunes of Mozart, offering listeners an unmatched auditory journey. Revel in the spellbinding “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” and be moved by the emotional notes of the “Requiem.” Each composition a confirmation of Mozart’s genius, echoing under the shimmering LA sky.

Tickets start at a modest $44, granting access to a night that promises not just a concert but an enduring memory of harmonious splendor. Experience the monumental works of Mozart, delivered by the critically acclaimed ensemble and the masterful baton of Maestro Mehta.

This is no ordinary evening; it is a pilgrimage for the senses, an opportunity to witness live performances of timeless scores. Do not hesitate. Secure your seat now for Mozart Under The Stars; allow the music to encapsulate you, and leave the earthbound concerns far below. Click the 'buy tickets' button for an encounter with elegance.

Prepare for an enchanting evening as the Los Angeles Philharmonic graces the iconic Hollywood Bowl for "Mozart Under The Stars" on a balmy summer night. As luminous stars twinkle above, the audience will be surroundd in the profound tunes of Mozart, conducted by the revered maestro Zubin Mehta. The atmosphere promises to be nothing short of magical, with the orchestra's strings, brass, and winds harmonizing under the open sky, creating a symphony of sights and sounds for an memorable auditory journey.

Zubin Mehta

The legendary Zubin Mehta, the Los Angeles Philharmonic's cherished Conductor Emeritus, will return to the Bowl for a spellbinding night dedicated to Mozart's timeless works. Mehta, whose storied career spans more than half a century, is not only an iconic figure but also a recipient of numerous awards, bringing generations of music lovers closer to classical music through an well known catalog of recordings and live performances. His mastery over the orchestral landscape will once again come to the fore, as he leads an evening charged with passion and precision, celebrating the sheer brilliance of Mozart's compositions.

Hollywood Bowl Information

The Hollywood Bowl stands as one of the most famous natural amphitheaters in the world, boasting a rich tradition of spectacular concerts since its inception in 1922. With a capacity of nearly 18,000, each seat in this storied venue offers a unique viewing experience, complete with the Bowl's state-of-the-art surround sound. The venue, beloved for its stellar amenities, remains open to the public, inviting guests to revel in its historic ambiance. For detailed information on the venue's offerings, seating, or any inquiries, guests are encouraged to contact the Hollywood Bowl directly.

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Experience the mastery of Zubin Mehta conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl for this much-anticipated "Mozart Under The Stars" event on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024. With ticket prices starting at an accessible $44, securing your place at this once-in-a-lifetime concert has never been easier. Enhance your summer and ensure a seat at this unexpected gathering by purchasing tickets through the reliable marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Simply click the "buy tickets" button to make your purchase and prepare to be enclosed in the transcendent tunes of Mozart, performed by some of the finest musicians in the world.

Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

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