Los Angeles Philharmonic: John Williams & David Newman – Maestro of the Movies at Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Hey film score aficionados! Guess what's swirling back to the Hollywood Bowl? That's right, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is teaming up with the living LEGENDS John Williams and David Newman for the Maestro of the Movies concert on July 13, 2024! Imagine the stirring strings, the soaring brass, all under the stars—it's like stepping into your favorite film.

Bask in the tunes that carried you on cosmic adventures and through thrilling escapes. From the heart-pounding beats of Star Wars to the heartwarming strains of E.T., your emotional spectrum will fly high. They're bringing the GREATS to life—with every note wrapped in the Bowl's iconic embrace.

Williams and Newman? Together they're like the dynamic duo of movie music, maestro-magicians who know how to pluck those heartstrings. And hearing it live? Pure MAGIC. It's where shivers meet nostalgia, and where every fan finds their beat.

So, are you ready to ride this epic wave of melody? Let’s embrace the magic of cinema score like nowhere else. Tickets are up for grabs—get yours NOW and join the unforgettable symphonic saga under the LA night sky!

Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

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