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Lights, camera, action! The stars descend upon the Hollywood Bowl on July 12, 2024. Get ready for a night of EPIC soundscapes with the Los Angeles Philharmonic as they host the iconic John Williams and the incredible David Newman at "Maestro of the Movies."

Imagine the thrill as cinematic history is etched in the air, note by note! Under the stars, your favorite scores – think Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park – will come ALIVE. Williams' legendary compositions fuse with Newman's mastery, offering fans a front-row seat to Hollywood’s heart.

Hear the magic. Feel the goosebumps. This isn't a concert; it's a journey through the very SOUL of film music. From spine-tingling classics to stirring new suites, the orchestral brilliance will leave you breathless.

Got chills? They're multiplying! The Bowl's sweeping acoustics, paired with giant screens, make for an immersive odyssey you CAN'T miss. GRAB your tickets and join the adventure where melodies rule and imagination soars.

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So, you wanna talk about an epic night under the stars, filled with sweeping melodies that’ll tug at your heartstrings? Then you, my friends, need to pencil in the Los Angeles Philharmonic: John Williams & David Newman - Maestro of the Movies concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We're talkin' about a stellar musical journey on July 12, 2024, that’s gonna send shivers down your spine!

Imagine this: The sun is setting, the open sky's fading to a canvas of pastel hues, and then, the first notes strike. It’s the soundtracks of our lives - Star Wars, E.T., Jurassic Park - all hitting you live. It's not just music, it's pure, unadulterated magic. Stuff you've hummed in the shower, but on a cosmic level. And let's not even start on that communal vibe, where everyone is just vibing and swaying, sharing this collective soundtrack of our most cherished movie memories.

About Los Angeles Philharmonic: John Williams & David Newman - Maestro of the Movies

We gotta give props to the legends here. John Williams, the maestro himself, is basically the Mozart of movie scores. His tunes? They’ve been the backdrop for galactic battles, dinosaur chases, and more "I'll be right here" moments than I can count. With awards that could fill up a galaxy far, far away, Williams is pure gold.

Then you have David Newman. This dude is a dynamo with a baton, conjuring up the movie magic from the score sheets, making that Los Angeles Philharmonic sound like a million bucks - which is basically what you’d expect when you got the DNA of legendary film composer Alfred Newman.

The combo of Williams and Newman? That's dynamite with a side of extra epic. They've turned the Hollywood Bowl into their own personal playground, and you're invited to the party!

Hollywood Bowl Information

Hollywood Bowl ain't your ordinary park bench concert venue. Nestled in them Hollywood Hills (with views that kill), this iconic spot has played host to everyone who's anyone. You can bring your own picnic, wine-and-dine it up a notch with an on-site spread, or just sit back and soak in the fact that music history was made here, over and over again.

And let’s be real - a summer night at the Bowl is basically a rite of passage for any Angeleno or visitor. The amphitheater vibe gives you all those “we are one with the music” feels, making each note feel like it’s just for you.

Ticket Information

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Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

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