Hollywood Bowl Orchestra: Sarah Hicks – Disney 80s-90s Celebration In Concert at Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

It’s time for a classical experience with the best orchestra in the country. The award-winning sound of Hollywood Bowl Orchestra: Sarah Hicks - Disney 80s-90s Celebration In Concert will resound throughout the awesome Hollywood Bowl at Friday 19th July 2024. Their honors speak to their quality - achievements stacking their shelves and standing ovations filling the room. But believe us when we say that attending their live concert is in a league of its own! Many classics and modern compositions will be meticulously played on this highly-anticipated summer night, conducted by the unrivaled musicians who have ever graced this Earth.

All are welcome to see them LIVE at the Los Angeles venue for a graceful evening amplified by the beauty of the most expansive stage in the state. With its opulent backdrop and impeccable acoustics, this Los Angeles destination surely is the prime stage for this concerts event. Don’t forget to confirm your tickets now by pressing the “Get Tickets” link above! Can’t wait to have you join us!

Open up your upcoming July because this one’s a delight for the senses! Be charmed by the most in-demand orchestra in all of California as Hollywood Bowl Orchestra: Sarah Hicks - Disney 80s-90s Celebration In Concert steps in at the unbelievable Hollywood Bowl on Friday 19th July 2024! If you’ve been tracking the latest stories, you might be aware that these artists are on a roll as they’re planning to tour the country this coming summer.

Critics around the world are reporting that these musicians are the most distinguished ones they have ever seen! The orchestra is a unrivaled, honored ensemble known for achieving a rich and lavishly satisfying playlist of genres.

What's more, when it comes to solo instances surfacing, you can expect each individual player to start playing like gods and goddesses in their fields. Their music is utterly melancholy and ardent that would make you want to linger in this moment forever.

Whether you’re a regular guest, bringing a little one to experience live music for the first time, or making this your dream date night, there's a place for you in our venue. Each performance is rare, with recollections, reflections, and retrospection, all brought to life by the skillful musicians of the company.

What’s riveting is that a rising crowd of people are finding out why this is developing as the best orchestra event of the year! Perhaps it’s because this spectacle is filled with varying genres that is appropriate for all generations. So, this is your evening - surrender to the notes!

At the Hollywood Bowl, we’ve got state-of-the-art speakers, exquisite backdrops, readily available amenities, and more! Where else are you gonna go to experience a symphonic event like this? If you book your tickets now, you’ll be treating yourself to the greatest LIVE orchestra in town! Reserve your places for Hollywood Bowl Orchestra: Sarah Hicks - Disney 80s-90s Celebration In Concert performing on Friday 19th July 2024!

Hollywood Bowl Orchestra at Hollywood Bowl

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