Mariachi USA Festival at Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Mariachi USA Festival

The yearly Mariachi USA Festival will be returning to the Hollywood Bowl on June 8, bringing with it the distinctive sounds of violin, trumpet, guitar, vihuela, and guitarrón, as well as rich vocal harmonies of some of Mariachi's biggest names. On June 8, the Hollywood Bowl will become a haven of great live music event that is sure to be an exciting and exuberant bash. Get the summer started on the right foot by jamming out to the infectious tunes of Mariachi Divas, Mariachi Estrella de México, Mariachi Los Reyes, and several others. The Mariachi Music Festival is a must-attend event honoring the vibrant culture that many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans hold in high regard. If you're looking for an event that combines nostalgia, history, and fun, then you should definitely purchase your tickets today. If you are able to do so, please don your guayaberas or rebozos to intensify the festive vibe atmosphere. Hit the "Get Tickets" link to reserve yours now. 

Mexico is proud to offer to the world their exquisite mariachi music. It has a long history, with roots coming from the rural areas of the country, which was then brought to urban music by many artists. In its essence, the music is birthed from the mixture of indigenous music and Spanish influence. The indigenous sound contributed to the drums, flutes, and rattles, and the Spanish touch is noticed in the string instruments like the guitar and violin. Today, mariachi is known for being performed by an ensemble of musicians who play similar instruments paired with traditional Mexican dance performances. This interplay of both music and dance results in a boisterous and festive tune that is distinctly Mexican.
Latin music is a large part of the American music scene, and mariachi bands and songs contribute highly to it. The 1970s is considered the time when mariachi migrated from the South to the northern states. This move led to it scratching the mainstream, which led to mariachi bands in the music industry, churches, and schools. Concerts and tours also sprouted from state to state.
In 1990, Rodri J. Rodriguez decided to pionner a mariachi festival. The producer is the person behind Rodri Entertainment Inc., which she created in 1975. She also is famous for advocating the inclusion of the Latin category in the Grammys. After years of work with her company, she felt that it was time to create a celebratory concert for traditional Mexican music. That was when the Mariachi USA festival was conceived.
Mariachi USA festival celebrates the beloved Mexican music. For years, this became an instrument for people to enjoy mariachi and a platform for performers to get international exposure. The ensemble has been through thick and thin and was able to branch out to a national TV special. Paired with the festival is the MARIACHI USA Foundation, which was founded to teach children about mariachi and encourage them to become performers.
The distinguished festival found its home at the Hollywood Bowl since its start. It will come back with a big bang on June 8. Immerse yourself with the beauty of mariachi by attending this musical fest.

Mariachi USA Festival at Hollywood Bowl

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