Pink Martini & China Forbes at Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Pink Martini & China Forbes

Picture 10 to 12 musicians on stage, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, performing music that’s a perfect blend of jazz, latin pop, classical, and traditional pop music with so much grace. It’s not just Brazilian samba. It’s also 1930s Cuban blub music. It’s not just an ordinary show. It’s a full musical experience that’s bound to be cherished by every single person in the audience.

You will get a chance to experience this magic on August 24, 2024 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California as Pink Martini & China Forbes take the stage.

Known for their sold out shows all over the world, this beautiful ensemble certainly knows how to mesmerize their audience. It’s no wonder they were inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame in 2014.

30 years from the band’s birth, Pink Martini continues to embark on a musical adventure with their fans of different generations in tow.

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Thomas Lauderdale, an American pianist, formed the band Pink Martini in Portland, Oregon, in 1994. Members of the group refer to it as a "little orchestra" that combines elements of jazz, latin pop, classical, and traditional pop music. China Forbes and Storm Large are Pink Martini's co-lead vocalists.

Lauderdale began his career in politics during his high school years. He thought most fundraisers had loud, monotonous music. In order to reach a wider audience, he therefore created the band Pink Martini in 1994, fusing styles including jazz, classical, latin pop, and traditional pop. He invited Harvard University colleague China Forbes to join the band over the phone during the course of the next year. Released in 1997, their debut single, Sympathique, received a nomination for "Song of the Year" at the French "Victoires de la Musique Awards".

As Lauderdale explained, "All of us in Pink Martini have studied different languages as well as different styles of music from different parts of the world. So inevitably, our repertoire is wildly diverse. At one moment, you feel like you're in the middle of a samba parade in Rio de Janeiro, and in the next moment, you're in a French music hall of the 1930s or in a Palazzo in Napoli. It's a bit like an urban musical travelogue. We're very much an American band, but we spend a lot of time abroad and therefore have the incredible diplomatic opportunity to represent a broader, more inclusive America… the America which remains the most heterogeneously populated country in the world… composed of people of every country, every language, every religion."

n 1997, Pink Martini made its theatrical debut with the Oregon Symphony conducted by Norman Leyden at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1998, Pink Martini made its debut in Europe at the Cannes Film Festival. The group has since performed with over 50 orchestras worldwide, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, the Boston Pops, the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center, the San Francisco Symphony, and the BBC Concert Orchestra at London's Royal Albert Hall.

China Forbes, lead singer of Pink Martini, is the 2022 Ella Fitzgerald award winner at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Pink Martini & China Forbes at Hollywood Bowl

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