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Patti LaBelle

The legend is heading back to the stage. Known as the "Godmother of Soul", Patti Labelle is coming to town, live in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, July 7. Turning the summer heat right up, the queen's golden roster of hits and fan favorites will captivate your night. From her former group's all-time hit single "Lady Marmalade", LaBelle took her reign as an iconic queen in R&B with her own solo hit singles - "You Are My Friend", "If Only You Knew", "Love, Need and Want You", and "Own My Own" with Michael McDonald. Soaring high with her soulful voice, the legendary singer isn't hitting the brakes anytime soon. With a firm "hell no" when asked about retirement, she's bound to carry on with her legacy, music that moves souls. Don't miss out on Patti LaBelle live in concert by booking your tickets now!

With over fifty million records sold around the world, Patti LaBelle is a reigning queen in the R&B and soul scene. Dubbed the "Godmother of Soul", she sure is a living legend, keeping her timeless hits and fan favorites live on stage to this day. Her music and soaring vocals have transcended through time. Straight from "Lady Marmalade" to her own solo hits including the acclaimed track "On My Own", she has inspired and influenced artists in every generation of music.

As one of the industry's queens and highly-respected icons, the R&B singer and actress has scored and won several accolades and nominations at the Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Image Awards. She also received an induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grammy Hall of Fame, the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame.

Her roles in various films and TV shows also sparked great interest in her talent and capability in the entertainment industry. These shows include "A Different World", "A Soldier's Story", and "American Horror Story". Driven by her voice, she's conquered the world in every song and performance for decades now.

She sure is one of the OG queens of the music industry. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, she shared that some of today's biggest stars turn to her for some advice. "They do they call me for information. I'm the OG, I'm 79, and all my little girls like Ledisi and Fantasia and Beyoncé... and Ariana Grande... they all call me," LaBelle shared. "For information about things that they're going through, that I've been through."

As a diva who's seen and experienced the ins and outs of the industry, witnessing its great transformation over the previous decades, she sure is the go-to queen for some good advice. "So I hope that I can always give information to my babies," she said. "Because that's what I do."

Beyond her music, she's also a highly acclaimed actress, entertainer, author, and businesswoman. Across her career milestones, she takes into heart the advocacies she upholds. She's an avid supporter of humanitarian causes and HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, and other awareness & non-profit initiatives.

Moreover, she's one megastar amongst her gay fans! She's become a significant figure in the LGBT community and black female artists. "When I think about it, the gay fans are some of the reason – one big reason – I'm still standing," LaBelle shared in an interview with Georgia Voice. ''Cause they loved me when other people tried not to. Everybody always says, "What makes gay men like you?" "I have no clue," I say. I still don't. But I know that love has lifted me up for many, many years."

At 78, she remains driven, her passion burning to keep her legacy alive on stage. She sure is the same powerhouse she's always been. Taking her intimate shows to the Hollywood Bowl, it's a night you just can't miss. Book your tickets now!

Patti LaBelle at Hollywood Bowl

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