Laufey & Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

Laufey & Los Angeles Philharmonic Tickets

Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

Laufey & Los Angeles Philharmonic

experience an evening of sophisticated musicality as the celebrated Los Angeles Philharmonic joins forces with the sensational Laufey at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. On Wednesday, 7th August 2024, allow the harmonious blend of Laufey's jazz-infused songs and the Philharmonic's orchestral prowess to transport you to a realm of auditory bliss.

Laufey, known for her seamless integration of the classic sounds of Billie Holiday with an innovative modern twist, has captured hearts globally with hits such as "Street by Street" and "Best Friend." Her musical achievements, including a celebrated debut album, have marked her an international jazz treasure.

Indulge in the exquisite surround sound of the Hollywood Bowl as these two powerhouse performers unite in Los Angeles, California. With tickets starting at $306, you have the chance to experience this collaboration, which promises an evening of enchanting music that will linger in your memory long after the final note is played.

Do not hesitate; musical events of this caliber are rare. Secure your seats early. Visit the 'buy tickets' button for an effortless purchase and make sure you're part of the magic that this concert guarantees.

Prepare yourself for an evening where classical finesse meets contemporary charm under the stars at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. On the auspicious occasion of Wednesday, August 7th, 2024, the Los Angeles Philharmonic will cast a musical spell alongside the celestial tones of Laufey, the singer whose manifold talents have bewitched a generation. Picture the melding of velvety jazz-infused songs with the grandeur of an orchestral backdrop, creating a soundscape that's both enveloping and enchanting. The gentle night breeze and the Bowl's whimsical ambiance will only enhance the sensory delight of this not-to-be-missed performance.


Laufey, the Los Angeles-based artist who has reimagined young love through her jazz songs, is a revelation in the modern music scene. With her musical soiree at The Ford already a sold-out success story, this 24-year-old sensation continues to turn heads with her vintage charm and youthful exuberance. Carrying the glow of success from her album 'Bewitched: The Goddess Edition,' featuring the RIAA-certified Gold hit "From The Start," Laufey steps onto the stage as a GRAMMY® award winner for "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" in 2024. With performances that promise to unfurl over an hour of sheer delight, the audience is in for an immersive experience crafted by a truly visionary artist.

Hollywood Bowl Information

Stepping into the Hollywood Bowl is like walking into a treasure trove of musical history eclectically dotted with legendary performances since 1922. Seating nearly 18,000 fans, this natural amphitheater not just hosts the summer residence of the Los Angeles Philharmonic but has been a confluence for the world's finest artists across genres. Its stunning acoustics and open-air setting are designed to wrap every note around its audience as if in an friendly embrace. For those seeking more about the Bowl's rich past or its amenities, a visit to the venue's website will suffice to quench their curiosity. Surely, there's no place more deserving of hosting such an popular gathering of musical royalty.

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With ticket prices starting at $306, securing your seat for this one-of-a-kind concert is merely a few clicks away. The trusted marketplace Ticket Squeeze awaits to provide you with a hassle-free purchase experience. Simply click the "buy tickets" button and ensure your presence at an evening where memories will be etched in the echoes of Laufey's dulcet tones and the Los Angeles Philharmonic's symphonic masterpieces. Early acquisition is recommended to avoid missing out on this surprising alliance set to unfold in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Laufey & Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

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