KCRW Festival at Hollywood Bowl

KCRW Festival Tickets

Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California

KCRW Festival

Music aficionados and concert-goers, take heed! The KCRW Festival is set to ignite the Hollywood Bowl with an auditory extravaganza on Saturday, August 10th, 2024. This is your calling to dive into the heart of Los Angeles, California, where tunes blend with starlit skies for an extraordinary evening.

With ticket prices commencing at $159, this is a rare opportunity to experience a collection of sensational performances amidst the iconic ambiance of the Hollywood Bowl. It's no ordinary event, but a chance to create memories that resonate beyond the last note.

Those in the know understand that KCRW Festival isn't just a concert; it’s a cultural touchstone. Secure your tickets now and ensure your presence at a gathering that sets the tone for musical excellence and a showcase of superior performance. Click the 'buy tickets' button and be part of a legacy. Join us – where the music speaks, hearts listen, and the spirit of Los Angeles comes alive under the canopy of the night. Your seat awaits.

Embark on a night where rhythm syncs with the heartbeat of Los Angeles; the KCRW Festival is returning to the iconic Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, 10th August 2024. Spectators will find themselves enclosed in a festive atmosphere buzzing with anticipation, as they witness a symphony of sights and sounds that can only occur under the Bowl's open sky. Imagine lively songs dancing through the warm summer air, while the excitement of a live audience echoes around the storied amphitheater.

My Morning Jacket

Acclaimed for their euphoric live performances, My Morning Jacket brings a blend of rock and country tunes that have furnished them with a loyal following and critical acclaim. The Grammy-nominated band, known for hits like "I'm Amazed" and their latest innovative album, will animate the stage with vivacious energy and deep-cut licks as their tunes reverberate under the stars.

Maggie Rogers

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers, whose name is synonymous with reality and expressive artistry, graces the festival lineup. With awards crediting her inventive craft and the successes of her soul-stirring hits like "Light On," Rogers will be sure to leave an indelible mark with her heartfelt performance.

Chicano Batman

Los Angeles' very own Chicano Batman, with their blend of funk, psychedelic soul, and samba, ushers in a groovy LA flavor. Their recent laurels are a testifying tribute to their grassroots appeal and prolific artistry. The band's timeless sound is the ambiance every festival-goer craves.

Hollywood Bowl Information

The Hollywood Bowl, an epicenter for musical excellence since 1922, hosts this sensational event. This historic venue, one of the largest natural amphitheaters with a capacity of nearly 18,000, is revered for its acoustics and the prestigious Los Angeles Philharmonic's annual summer residence. attendees are encouraged to reach out to the Hollywood Bowl for details about available amenities.

Ticket Information

To be a part of this exceptional experience, secure your tickets promptly from Ticket Squeeze. With prices starting at just $159, an early purchase ensures you don't miss the opportunity to revel in this audial celebration. Don't delay – click the "buy tickets" button for a secure transaction and your passport to an evening of exceptional performances.

KCRW Festival at Hollywood Bowl

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